Businesses are losing 29.1% sales, let them pay you $5,000 to fix that.

How To Get Whitelabel Animated Explainer Video Templates And Sell Them To Online & Offline Business On Autopilot.

Perfect for those who want to start a new video business, and for those who want to bring their video business to the next level.

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Use Video Templates to Make Amazing Professional Animated and Doodle Sketch Videos Instantly

Animated videos capture viewers attention instantly.

Animated and doodle sketch videos engage audience attention with visualized story progression.

Animated explainer videos can bring 29.1% more sales than than professional spokesperson videos.

Let businesses pay you $5,000 per video.

Marketers as well as offline and online businesses all want to generate more leads and make more sales. They all want to increase conversion from prospects to buyers.

While video is still a number one way to increase conversion, just any video will not do.

The businesses demand videos which convert, and they are willing to pay top money to have one tailored specifical for their needs.

It is not uncommon for businesses to pay $5,000 or more for custom animated explainer videos.

Not another video
agency product.

Before I tell you all about the Explaindio Video Vault, let me be clear that it is not another video agency product.

Instead, it is the product which not only can go along with all other video agency & consultant products, but it takes them to the next level, both in terms of market reach and the price you can get for the videos.

If you do not have video consultant website yet, you will be able to get one inside the Explaindio Video Vault member area, so you can instantly start the business.

Done-for-you animated video templates which are 100% editable.

After participating in many video agency product promotions, we became aware that there is one important video content missing - the done-for-you complete animated explainer video templates which are 100% editable.

Because our team developed Explaindio software, which is the animated explainer video creator, we are best suited to fill that market gap.

So we are taking that opportunity to deliver you the best converting animated video templates which are 100% editable inside the Explaindio software.

A Quick Preview of What You'll Get in Explaindio Vault

All Videos Have Professional Voice Over

You will get voice over scripts for all video.

29.1% more sales with animated explainer video.

To have a real proof that animated explainer videos convert better, we decided to do something nobody in our industry has done before.

We did A/B split test between spokesperson and animated sales videos during massive product launch.

The end result shocked us.

Our video A/B split test experiment during VydeoGram launch showed that animated explainer video sold 29.1% more of front end product than professionally done spokesperson video.

It means that our animated explainer video made us 29.1% more sales from the same traffic than a spokesperson video.

Foot-in-the door into access gate to higher paying clients.

Since the goal for both online and offline businesses is to generate more leads and convert more prospects to buyers, those animated explainer videos are your foot-in-the door into higher paying clients.

Explaindio Video Vault was created to enable you to build solid long term business focused on delivering animated videos which help your clients to generate more leads and make more sales.

Solid long term business.

Explaindio Video Vault was created to enable you to build solid long term business focused on delivering animated videos which help your clients to generate more leads and make more sales.

Explaindio Video Vault membership gives you 10 fully done-for-you animated explainer video templates each month, which you can open in Explaindio software and then customize as much as or as less as you want.

If you do not have have Explaindio software yet, you will be able to get it after you get Video Vault on this page.

Get Explaindio Video Vault for a Discounted Price

Special Limited Time Discount

Video templates are for both online and offline businesses

Video templates, which you will get monthly are intended not just for local businesses but also for most popular online niches as well.

All video templates are done in Explaindio which is the number one animation, doodle & motions video content creation software used by tens of thousands video marketers.

Massive income for video consultants

Video sales and services are producing massive income for video consultants, and now you have an opportunity to participate in that growing market without having to spend thousands of dollars on animated video production costs.

For those who want to start a new business selling just animated explainer videos, and for those who want to bring their video selling business to the next level, this is the opportunity you have waited long for.

Video templates you get from Explaindio Video Vault not only immediately position you as a professional video consultant in lucrative, conversion oriented market, but you gain competitive advantage over those who don’t have those kind of animated explainer videos.

Easier to sell and command higher prices.

While market for spokesperson and motion videos remains huge, there is also way more competition for selling those videos, and it is hard to get good price from clients in that competitive environment.

Animated explainer videos on the other hand, are more rare, and hard to get, which makes them easier to sell and command higher prices.

Since animated explainer video can be used in marketing, sales, lead generation and advertisement you can sell them to very wide range of clients including both online and offline businesses and marketers.

Exclusive Fast Action Bonuses

Mega Bonus Training + Video Consultant Blueprint

Animated Video customization training, and video consultant blueprint.

We show you practically everything you need to know about how to use and customize video templates. Video Training will take you through using animated video templates project and customize it to make it you own. You will also get 18 pages video consultant blueprint to kickstart your business.

Rebrandable Sales Letter Video Template

Add your own brand in the video sales letter to sell and get high paying customers.

We are going to give you a high converting video sales letter template to make it easier for you to sell videos right away so you can get cashing paying clients and customers. You don't have to spend more time on creating your own video sales letter anymore. Once you get your copy of Explaindio Video Vault you can start selling in minutes!

Get Explaindio Video Vault for a Discounted Price

Special Limited Time Discount

Here's What Others Are Saying About Explaindio Video Vault

"Pre-made Explaindio project files (that I’ve made for myself) have long been the secret to my ability to make videos quickly and easily. By the time I’m to the point where I need a video, I usually don’t have time to make one from scratch. So having a bigger collection of complete Explaindio projects to draw from is a great value! Plus if you have the Creator’s Vault assets, you already have tons of assets to “make it your own.” Having something that’s already complete to begin with is often the only way to manage the unreasonable expectations our clients put on us (and those that we put on ourselves)"

Scott Hamlin
Owner -

"Yet another time saver PLUS a money multiplier! All I need to do to create explainer videos and sales videos is download from a wide variety of high quality slides and sell them to clients.

There's no need to create the slides myself because all I need to do is choose from the vault. I also have more than just slides! Anything you need for you video marketing is right inside the vault!"

JF Garsula
Video Animator -

"Most of my clients ask for animated videos. While I am able to make video from scratch is could take me 2-3 weeks to make great animated explainer video. With Explaindio Video Vault I can take ready video template, replace graphics and be done in 30 minutes"

Rustam Sandegi
Owner -

Get Explaindio Video Vault for a Discounted Price

Special Limited Time Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, we do have 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop us a note and we will refund your purchase in full.

Will the videos I create with the software come with any restrictions?

Absolutely not. All videos you create are yours to do with as you please.

Can I sell video templates themselves?

No, you can use video templates to make videos you can sell but you cannot sell video templates themselves.

Do you have community of like minded video creators where I can get ideas, feedback for my customization, and feedback for created videos.

Yes, we have active community of video creates on our closed Facebook Group which currently have almost 8,000 members. You will get access to that community after purchase.

What I get after I join Explaindio Video Vault?

You will get 10 ready-to-sell animated video templates delivered as Explaindio project.

All video templates have professional voice over, and you will also get scripts for all voice overs.

You also get bonuses, which include sales letter video template that you can use to sell the videos, and the training.

What is the difference between Explaindio Video Vault and Explaindio Designer’s Club?

Explaindio Video Vault full done-for-you niche videos ready for sale including voice over, which can be instantly sold to both online and offline businesses.

You can make small or big customization to those video templates using Explaindio Desiginer’s Club assets.

Q: I do not have Explaindio Designer’s Club yes, how do I get it?

After you purchase Explaindio Video Vault you will have the opportunity to join the club and get 6 or 12 months bundle of Explaindio Designer’s Club video assets.

Get Explaindio Video Vault for a Discounted Price

Special Limited Time Discount